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Doctravo Sarl

We are a Sealing Works SARL (APE code 4399A) whose craft specialties are covering by elements, insulation work and the treatment of humidity.

Company with a capital of 10000€, registered with the CMA and the RCS of Pau under the number SIRET 913 042 529.

Tuiles Méridionales
Changement de toiture tuile
Faitières abimées
Tuiles sales
Combles perdues isolation
Chapeau d'extraction tuiles
Gouttière PVC

Doctravo offers you a list of services performed by our teams, before each  devis an expertise is carried out by our Technical Director with very precise specifications to be respected.

THE ROOF / FACADES ( Rapid interventions 7 days a week for the replacement of broken tiles)

We offer you our roof renovation services in partial or total change, Installation of skylights, Flashing, Edges, Planks and Bands, Dry ridges and hips, Demossing of roofs / terraces / facades, Colorless and colored water repellent, Installation of gutters, Gutter/gutter cleaning..

INSULATION   : Change of your insulation in attic or fitted out parts, Blowing of cellulose wadding or installation of mineral wool panels between rafters

HUMIDITY:   Treatment of capillary rise by injection of siloxane resin, interior casing with water-repellent coatings

VENTILATION:   In renovation or new, installation of negative ventilation VMC or positive HPV /VMI 

AIR CONDITIONING :  Installation of reversible air conditioning with pre-charged R32 gas system, installation in 1 day in department 64

Changement de vélux
Travaux sur maison
Faitage à sec
Gouttières PVC
Combles perdues
Toiture vue du ciel
Mur sale de pollution
Tuiles lichen mousse
Isolation par intérieur
Faitage à sec
Rénovation toiture
Coloration de tuiles sur maison
Changement de rives à sec
Toit remplis de mousse
Hydrofuge posée sur tuiles
Démoussage de toit
Nettoyage de toiture
Charpente neuve sur garage
Hydrofuge passé sur tuiles
Tuiles sales
Arétier en cours de rénovation
Demande de devis

Merci. Nous vous enverrons un devis rapidement.


Our product partner TECHNICHEM



06 75 28 28 34

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